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As the name suggests, in this area we will be immersed in a city of Marvel superheroes where we can see The Avengers, the X-men and Spiderman.


In this area there are several attractions which are worth climbing. Each of the attractions, cafes or buildings is set in one of the superheroes. We did not get on the Storm Force Acceleration attraction, which is the well-known attraction of the cups that go around set in Storm. Nor did we get on Doctor Doom which is the typical free fall shuttle attraction, although in this case not very high.

In this area depending on the schedule you can find some heroes or villains on the street, we when we pass by there we find the Green Goblin doing mischief to people who want to take pictures with him, and a little later we could take pictures with Storm, Rogue and Wolverine, after taking the photos we could the heroes had prepared some motorcycles with which they were already leaving, so we took place to see all the characters among which in addition to those mentioned above were Cyclops, Spiderman and Captain America.