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Disney Junior - Live! (Originally Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage!, until 2011) is a

live attraction featuring puppets of characters from popular Disney Junior TV shows.

La edition actual de Disney Junior Live! it begins with a cast member named Casey performing on stage, while the Disney Junior theme song plays. Casey then asks the audience to shout their names. While everyone is screaming, Mickey Mouse himself shouts his name, and then invites the audience to his clubhouse.

As guests arrive at the clubhouse, Mickey and Casey sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, during which Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Minnie also appear.

In the Princess Sofia Show, when the scene changes to the Kingdom of Enchancia. Sofia is trying to make flowers out of her castle spark for the Royal Ball, but has no luck. Bonded by Prince James and Princess Amber, Sofia eventually decides to go find Cedric for help. Cedric then appears on stage and begins to sing about how he wants to make a name for himself by impressing the king and making him snow.

The Disney Junior Show – Live on Stage! you will love