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Are you ready for a trip to the gloomy and ghostly twilight zone? With a height of more than 60 meters, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the second tallest attraction in all of Disney World

The main thing about this Disney attraction is to climb to the top of the tower to let you fall to the bottom, these 60.7 meters high is something that will leave your hair on end and with a scream that will take you to the other world.

The unmistakable and always creative stamp of Walt Disney Imagineering is present not only in the architecture and engineering of this attraction, but also in its elaborate plot. Legend has it that in 1939, during a strong storm, lightning struck the main tower of the Hollywood Tower Hotel making all the occupants who were in the elevator disappear. Since that fateful night, the hotel – once a symbol of luxury and opulence in Hollywood – is haunted and anyone who dares to use the elevator again runs the risk of disappearing.
The adventure begins before entering the hotel; Its abandoned gardens, once immaculate but now covered by weeds, seem to warn you of the tragedy that once shook the elegant establishment. Once inside the building you will see armchairs, tables, suitcases, the reception with objects and walls full of dust, a small table on which there are teacups and some stale cakes (as well as some other hidden figure of Mickey Mouse if you look closely) and, in the central part of the room, the statue of an owl covered with cobwebs and surrounded by withered flowers. Everything seems to indicate that something – or someone – suddenly made everyone in the hotel disappear..